MCA Chief Engineering Orals course

MCA Class 1 Chief Engineer Orals Unlimited Prep - on Zoom till Pandemic ends

MCA Class 1 Chief Engineer Orals Unlimited Prep - on Zoom till Pandemic ends

Course Duration: 2 weeks
Course dates: Every month (Use the contact form on the below to find exact start date).
Course Fee: £1675
Availaibility: Available every month. See Actuall dates below or click here
If you need any last minute slots please contact us on our phone number.

Course Description

This course enables candidates to achieve STCW Reg III/2 – Chief Engineer unlimited certification by the MCA Oral examination route. Candidates will receive tuition and guided study in preparation for the MCA Oral examination.

Course Content

The course will be based on the operation, maintenance and management of marine machinery, particularly the recognition of irregularity in the performance of that machinery and the analysis and interpretation of information gained from monitoring equipment. It will also cover emergency procedures directly related to the safety of ships and the protection of the environment, advanced operational engineering knowledge and the legal and administrative duties of a Chief Engineer Officer.The course is primarily concerned with preparing candidates to answer the MCA Examiner’s questions based on studies previously undertaken.

  • Marine engineering
  • Operate, Test and Maintain Marine Engineering Systems.
  • Electrical, electronic and control engineering
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Controlling the operation of the ship and care for persons on board
  • Trim, Stability and Stress
  • Legislative Requirements
  • Certification and Survey
  • knowledge of the Codes associated with the carriage of dangerous goods
  • a working knowledge of merchant shipping Health and Safety at Work Regulations
  • Maintain Safety and Security of the Vessel, Crew and Passengers
  • Management of Personnel, effective management, organisation and training of engine department personnel.

Although presentation of other topics may be arranged where the whole group should benefit. Tutorials will be delivered as formal lectures and/or demonstrations as appropriate, supplemented by group discussion, question and answer sessions and directed study.

Candidates are also encouraged to make full use of other learning resources, including the on-site nautical library, Internet access, training software and feedback from previous candidates.

Each candidate gets a free access to our moodle online learning environment and a mock orals at the end of the course. This helps them repair any damage before going for the actual orals.

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