Book SQA exam Online

Book SQA Exam online


Glasgow Maritime Academy LLP is a SQA approved centre for written exams.

Booking Option:
(A) One subject exam - £390 (total)
(B) 2 subject exams - £430 (total)

If you book less than two weeks before exam there will be a late fee of £25/ per subject.
Last date of enrolment is 1 week before exam.

How to book
  1. Download the SQA writtens application form here
  2. Fill up the form and save it on your computer.
  3. Fill up the form on the right – on this page – attach the saved application form
  4. Attach scanned copy of your NOE
  5. Attach scanned copy of your identification document such as passport or discharge book
  6. Attach your scanned copy of your education and training certificate (E&T)
  7. Press SEND
  8. Soon you will receive email for payment instructions
If you need any support with this contact Kyra on

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