MCA approved Signals Exams onine

MCA Approved Signal Exam ONLY

MCA Approved Signal Exam ONLY
MCA Approved Signal Exam ONLY
Glasgow Martime Academy delivers Signals Exam Only - MCA Approved every Week

Course Duration: 0.5 day (0900 – 1300)
Course dates: Every Week (Use the contact form on the right to find exact start date)
Course Fee: £ 150 /-

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements

Course Description

Candidates for a Deck Officer Certificate of Competency are required to pass a UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) Signals examination covering topics such as transmitting and receiving of Morse Code, identification of signal flags, understanding the single letter meaning of flags, and general communications. The signal certificate is only valid for 3 years.

MCA Signal exam ONLY is split into 4 steps

  1. Receive Morse by light – 20
    • A group of letters and numbers is sent as a block.
  2. Transmit Morse
    • You must be able to transmit a block of Morse code – 10
  3. Flags
    • You have to do a computer based test on flags. Know what they are and their single letter meaning.
  4. General
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