MCA approved Proficiency in survival techniques (PST) course

Personal Survival Technique - MCA Approved*

Personal Survival Technique - MCA Approved
Personal Survival Technique - MCA Approved

Course Duration: 1 day
Course dates: Every Thursday (Use the contact form on the bottom to find exact start date)
Availibility: For Course Dates Click here
If you need any last minute slots please contact us on our phone number.
Course Fee: £ 250 /-
Course Eligibility: There is no minimum requirement to attend but it is advisable that you possess an understanding of ships operations but this is not mandatory.

Course Description

This training is intended to meet the requirements set out in Table A-VI/1-1 of the STCW Code and unit A11 of the marine national occupational standards.

The greatest and most immediate threat to life in the event of abandoning ship is cold exposure. Precautions to protect against it, together with knowledge of survival equipment and its use, is the main message of this training. Other problems that a survivor will encounter are covered so as to ensure the highest possible chances of survival.

Course Content

The objective of the training is to give all persons intending to go to sea the essential basic knowledge and experience of personal survival principles and techniques that can be applied to maximise their chances of survival in the event of a marine casualty

The course is plit up into 3 parts

  1. instruction on basic principles and procedures
  2. ‘dry’ demonstration of raft and equipment
  3. practical wet liferaft drill
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