MCA approved IAMI Celestial Navigation course Module

MCA approved Celestial Navigation Module

MCA approved Celestial Navigation Module
MCA approved Celestial Navigation Module

Course Duration: Not Applicable. (online)

Course dates: Start Anytime. (online)

Course Fee:

 1. £925/ Courseware including first attempt IAMI EXAM Fee

2. £699/ Courseware Only

 3. £225/ Exam Only (Availibility shown at the bottom of the page)


Entry Requirements


Course Description

All Master (Yacht) candidates are now required to pass a Celestial Navigation Exam as part of the Master (Yacht) CoC. A completely online course. Once you make booking we will supply you with login and password to access all the material. Step by step video tutorials cover all aspects of IAMI celestial navigation exam. We will provide you with email and phone support if required. We have Class till you pass policy ie you can access the materials till you pass the exam. No limit on time.

A certificate is issued by the college on the successful passing of the exam on behalf of the Maritime Coastguard Agency.

Please be aware that the Master (Yacht) Oral examination needs to be taken within 12 months of completing the Celestial Navigation Exam as the exam pass holds a 1 year expiry.

Training Outcome

The paper will have 100 marks and the student must obtain and overall percentage of 65 to pass. The candidate must also obtain a minimum percentage of 65 in question 1 to pass.

Topic 1: Using celestial bodies to fix position

a) Can identify and select the most suitable celestial bodies in the twilight period.

b) Can determine the time of visible rising and setting of the sun.

c) Can use any acceptable method to calculate altitude and azimuth*

d) Can accurately plot lines of position obtain from a sight to fix position.

e) Can use the nautical almanac and calculator or nautical tables to find a position line from an altitude obtained by a sextant and time obtained from a chronometer.

Topic 2: Determining latitude by celestial means

a. Can calculate the latitude by Polaris

b. Can calculate the latitude by meridian altitude of the sun or planet

c. Can calculate the time of meridian altitude of the sun or planet

Topic 3: Determining the compass error by celestial means

a) Can determine compass error by amplitude of the sun or a planet

b) Can determine compass error by azimuth of the sun.

c) Can determine compass error by azimuth of a star or planet

* Note: the student may use any method to calculate the position lines and may use nautical tables, calculator and short method tables but may not use programmable calculators smart phones, tablets or computers


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