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Course Duration: 4.5 days (0830 - 1700). Fri 0830 to 1300


Course dates: Available every week monday subject to minimum numbers.


Course Fee: £ 1050 /- (Package and special discounts might be available)


Entry Requirements -


1. Prior electrical or electro-technical experience in a shipboard environment; or

2. Have completed 12 months sea time as EOOW; or

3. Part of an initial electro-technical training programme.


Course Description


To give seafarers responsible for the safe control and management of high voltage power systems the essential education and training in high voltage installations to meet the Knowledge, Understanding and Proficiency (KUP) requirements set out in the specific part of the following: Table A-III/2

Function: Electrical, electronic and control engineering at the management level.

Competence: Manage high voltage installation, trouble shooting and restoration of electrical equipment to operating condition.


Training Outcome


There are three outcomes to the training;

Outcome 1: The learner can manage high voltage operations on board a ship.

Outcome 2: The learner understands the high voltage system and the maintenance of distribution capability.

Outcome 3: The learner can identify faults within a high voltage system and reconfigure the system to maintain supply.


Course Contents:


HIGH VOLTAGE- Introduction, Definition of high voltage (HV), Reasons for employment of HV, Design requirements, Review of basic electricity, Rules Regulationsand Procedures,

Electrical hazards, Necessity for HV RULES, REGULATIONS AND PROCEDURES

Electrical Hazards, Legislation & guidance governing HV at sea, MCA Code Of Safe Working Practice (COSWP), Significance of safe working practices, Working procedures in HV, Procedures to be followed while working on HV, Summarizing dangers of working on HV and precautions, Risk assessment, safety documentation and records, Risk assessment, Electrical permit to work (EPTW), HV entry permits, Sanction to test, Personal protective equipments, Safety guidelines, Using appropriate and approved PPE

Arrangement of a HV Switch Room and, HV testing, Arrangement of a HV switch room

Significance of insulation and its requirements, HV testing, Insulation resistance, Polarization index, Pressure testing of HV breakers, Infrared testing, Protections incorporated in HV Systems, Power-system protection, Insulated neutral and earthed neutral system, advantages, disadvantages of grounded neutral system, Sizing of neutral earth resistor, high resistance earthing,low resistance earthing, Significance of earth fault and indication, Safety and operational features of HV system, Philosophy of fault detection

Circuit breakers, Definition of a Circuit breaker, Terminology and definitions, Sanction to test form, Procedures to use HV test equipment, Desktop Workouts, Practical Isolation Workouts


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STCW 2010 High Voltage Course - Management Level - MCA approved

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STCW 2010 High Voltage training management Level - MCA approved High Voltage course -MCA approved -www.glasgowmari High Voltage course -MCA approved

High Voltage - MCA approved course structure and lesson objective

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High Voltage training MCA approved

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