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Glasgow Maritime Academy delivers MCA approved Human Element Leadership and management training every week


Course: Human Element Leadership and Management - Operational Level


Course Duration: 2.5 days


Course dates: See Below or Click here. If you need last minute slots please call us on the phone.


Course Fee: £450/- (special discounts might be available - contact us for more details)


Entry Requirements - Students following an MNTB/MCA approved programme are eligible to attend this course after their first seagoing phase.


Students following the experienced seafarer route to MCA certification shall meet the minimum seagoing service requirements for the issue of a first CoC.


Course Description


This course is designed to meet the mandatory requirements for training in the human element, leadership and management at the operational level as set out in Regulations II and III of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW).  It provides students with awareness and understanding of the key human factors influencing effective resource management.


Students will acquire and develop tools and practical skills to enhance their maritime resource management capability.  This training is a prerequisite for a first Certificate of Competency (CoC) issued by the MCA meeting the requirements of Regulation II/1, III/1 and III/6.


Course Contents:


The course will develop knowledge and skills to address:


Situation and risk assessment: to understand the influence of a situation and risk assessment in the principles and practice of decision making at an operational level.


Situational awareness: how to acquire and maintain situational awareness and accidents and increasing safety margins.


Communication: how to recognise and apply best practice in communication, and be aware of barriers to communication and how these may adversely affect situational awareness.


Shipboard training: to understand the aim of shipboard training, the principles of learning and methods of developing human potential.


Culture: how to recognise and respond to cultural issues including cultural awareness and bias including national, organisational, departmental and personal cultural approaches.


Team working: to recognise team working models and conflict management style.


Leadership and management: to recognise and demonstrate effective leadership behaviours.


Workload management: understand the concept of task and workload management and be able to apply it.  Recognising fatigue and stress in yourself and others, and developing strategies for dealing with them.






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Human Element Leadership and Management Course Opeartional Level- MCA approved

Human element leadership and management course operational level

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MCA approved human element leadership and management course operational level

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